Five Ways Merchant Cash Advances Are Revolutionizing Health Care Financing

Five Ways Merchant Cash Advances Are Revolutionizing Health Care Financing


A merchant cash advance is a financing tool for 21st-century businesses. Potential funding solutions range from $5,000 to $20,000,000. As a result, merchant cash advances work especially well for small businesses and can aid in health care financing.


Much like their industry the health of these businesses’ bank accounts provides a clear picture of the company. This can provide an opportunity for substantial cash when needed.


A lender supplies a company with a cash advance. The pricing of that advance covers the cost of the funding plus fees relating to servicing the transaction. The payback is flexible and depending on the offer, payments are either daily, weekly, monthly, or a percentage of the customer’s card payments.

Benefits of a merchant cash advance for businesses include:

  • Approvals in as little as 24 hours with an easy application process
  • An affordable financing option even with subprime credit scores
  • A peace of mind that allows you to focus on business growth
  • No risk to assets or credit rating tying back to funding


Let’s look closely at who can benefit from merchant cash advances in the health care industry.

1. Merchant Cash Advances are a Value to Medical Providers


Small businesses make up 99.9% of U.S. companies. Medical providers like your local doctor’s office are among those businesses. When they require financing, a term loan is often one of the first considerations.


A merchant cash advance provides flexibility that is not available for term loans. In addition, the approval process for conventional financing can be lengthy and detailed. A merchant cash advance does not rely solely on personal or business credit. As a result, it can help medical providers with fast funding.


Repayment schedules that favor medical providers include simple terms. Options to repay include monthly, weekly, or even fixed daily withdrawals from a linked business bank account. These options are available in addition to some programs that make use of a business’ credit card sales as a path to repayment.


Completing an online application is simple with merchant cash advances. Getting a response within as little as 24 hours brings business owners peace of mind. Office supplies, marketing expenses, personal protective equipment, and expansion of your healthcare practice require money on your terms.


Securing the capital you need quickly has never been easier. All that’s needed to apply are an application and three months of the most recent business bank statements. Having the cash reserves on hand to weather downturns in patient care is vital.

2. Healthcare Businesses can Offset Cash Flow Issues with Health Care Financing


The health care industry is no stranger to cash flow challenges. Slow payment from patience, insurance carriers delaying compensation, and general interruptions to regular service can impact capital.


For example, when a business runs into cash flow hurdles, it can move forward with a merchant cash advance and be funded in as little as 24 hours. This can make all the difference when it comes to meeting financial obligations in a timely manner.


A healthcare business can break through a plateau in service because of new marketing investments. When care providers carve out a fresh footprint in a new area that can mean a slow start. Think of communities that need more health care options. An infusion of cash is one thing that can help reach those previously out of reach potential patients.


This health care financing can help get the community talking about the new providers. New equipment can carry a price tag that health care providers struggle to shoulder when starting out. Having the capital on hand to get new equipment can help add momentum to the level of care that an office can supply.


Sustaining physician practices is essential when patient volume changes. Cash collecting is so much more important during the downturns. Wages, taxes, overhead like utilities, and rent are still due. A merchant cash advance can make these expenses more bearable. Covering those short-term expenses is vital to the future of your practice.


Healthcare businesses can find themselves in a position of difficulty when paying existing financial obligations. When these challenges arise, getting a fast approval is invaluable. You simply cannot afford late payments against your business or personal credit. Companies don’t have to worry about delinquency or defaulting with simple-to-use repayment options.

3. Patients of Medical Providers Also Draw Value from Merchant Cash Advances


Patients are looking for the best care they can find. Being able to bring them the right interventions and medical solutions takes money. Expanding your healthcare practice and providing those services means lining up the best financing for you and your patients.


New patients can also become aware of your practice as you expand your offerings. Add to this growth the option for improvements to marketing, and medical providers are amplifying their voice for patients.


After exhausting options on traditional loans, a merchant cash advance can help your patients feel safe and secure in your practice. You can provide the level of care they require when you can fund the tools you need.


Spending the money to improve the efficiency of your medical practice means patients get to connect more quickly. In addition, you can introduce intake options that would be out of reach for your patients if you do not have the robust funding a merchant cash advance supplies.


Patients can find it challenging to connect with nurse practitioners and physicians who are spread thin. Having health care financing to bring in more staffing, supplies, and office equipment can help free up those professionals.


Having the funding you need means your patients can find more in your practice. Helping those in need of care with more of the right resources in one place is invaluable.

4. Merchant Cash Advances Could Change How Chiropractic Care Centers Secure Financing


Businesses like chiropractic care centers are also finding the value of merchant cash advances. For example, patients go into a chiropractor’s office to address migraines, neck strains, and even issues like osteoarthritis.


As a result, having a versatile stable of tools handy is essential. In addition, the financing to bring together patients in need with leading-edge resources is possible with a merchant cash advance.


Improving your posture from sitting at a desk all day can be an investment in your health. Being able to choose a chiropractic center that equally invests in its ability to provide modern solutions is priceless.


Chiropractors who run their own practice are small business owners who do not have the time to navigate the maze of business lending. Their time is dedicated to their patients, generating new business, and the day-to-day operations.


Slow and tedious lending is a pain in the neck that chiropractors are leaving behind in favor of merchant cash advances.

5. Dental Practices can Smile Again Thanks to Merchant Cash Advances


Operations expenses and expansion require an earnest look at financial circumstances. When dental practices choose a merchant cash advance, they gain an opportunity to grow their business while keeping the lights on.


Achieving optimal dental hygiene and your best smile is a high priority for dentists. Still, they have to consider the function of their offices. These considerations include staff, patient satisfaction with the office setting, and being able to market the dental practice successfully. All of these facets demand a confident handle on finances.


Remodeling your office to have a footprint more in step with the surrounding businesses is a part of how patients see your practice. Likewise, new technology and next-level care are part of how those patients see their own smiles improve.


It is irreplaceable to have loan options for the right amount, at rates you can afford, and with terms that fit your business. Big bank loans don’t have the versatility of an MCA. Having the funds to invest in these avenues is far more realistic with a merchant cash advance.

Physicians and Business Owners in Healthcare Are Taking Control of Their Financial Futures with Merchant Cash Advances


Funding with the Merchant Funding Solutions team makes it simple. We also offer alternative options for the type of financing that helps your small businesses write their future without significant assets required.


Healthcare providers need the option to avoid slow funding. Accumulating more interest over time is not favorable for companies. When you need cash that goes to work right away, you need a merchant cash advance.


Professionals in the medical care space get into the industry to make a difference in the health and wellbeing of others. But unfortunately, having your business saddled down with long-term, unmanageable debt is an obstacle to growth.


Avoiding conventional methods of debt gives you more freedom, peace of mind, and more of your time back. Taking advantage of this financial tool can be transformative. So log on today and find out how the professionals at the Merchant Funding Solutions team can help your business.

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