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Business Financing In 2022

business financing

How small businesses are recovering from the pandemic through SBA programs and business financing opportunities.

Best Unsecured Business Loans

best unsecured business loans

In this article, we are exploring unsecured business loans and how small businesses can finance operations without collateral.

Small Business: Preventing or Overcoming Defaulting During COVID

defaulting during covid

Don’t let defaulting on a loan or missing payments be the cause of your small business’ decline. Listed are some tips to prevent default.

Why Most Small Business Owners Prefer Merchant Cash Advances Over Other Loan Options


Merchant Cash Advances are a viable option for small business owners who need funding. As a result, MCAs are growing in popularity worldwide.

A Second Wave of PPP Loans Are Inbound: Here’s What Small Business Owners Need to Know

PPP Loan

Businesses with an initial PPP loan can still apply for a second loan. They must use their entire initial advance. Similarly, they must have fewer than 300 employees. Also, they must demonstrate a revenue decrease of 25%

How a New Stimulus Bill Will Affect Small Business Owners

covid stimulus bill

  There’s a new COVID stimulus bill in the works for the end of 2020 & the beginning of 2021.    As the end of 2020 quickly approaches, Congress is rushing to have a new COVID stimulus bill done to offer aid to small business owners and unemployed individuals. Even though the economy is seeing […]

The Difference Between SBA Loans and Online Lenders

best online business loans

  Are you looking for an SBA loan or a reliable online lender? Not sure what the difference is?   SBA loans (or government small business loans) are what many startups gravitate towards at first. However, online loan lenders have raised the financing bar, so to speak, and can provide high-quality small business loans just […]

What To Expect When Applying For a Small Business Loan

what do banks look for when applying for a business loan

  It can feel stressful figuring out how to get a small business loan. A question you may ask is, “What do banks look for when applying for a business loan?” or “What is the loan application process for online lenders?”   The loan application process is pretty much standard across the board. And, what […]

4 Benefits of Getting a Small Business Loan

benefits of a small business loan

  If you find yourself weighing the pros and cons of getting a loan for your small business, you’re one of many. Business loans are a powerful tool that can help you take a startup from zero to launch or fund an existing venture to keep it growing.   The idea of taking out a […]